Mothers of Autistic Children Earning Less?

Recent Studies have shown that mothers of autistic children are working fewer hours and hence earning less. Mothers of autistic children often choose to work fewer hours so that they can take care of their children’s special needs. Currently care for autistic children is spread across different service systems and mothers have to take on the role of a caseworker. Parents of autistic children have to take care of the special needs of their children and often it requires more time than parents with children who do not have disabilities. Until recently the impact of the employment of parents who have autistic children was not clearly known. However by studying data taken from National household survey has shown that while the fathers of such children have similar jobs and earnings as other fathers, mothers of autistic children are likely to work fewer hours and earn less. Autism disorders range from mild Asperger’s syndrome to severe mental retardation and social disability. The care for these children also has a wide range. Children with such disorders have to get care from different providers and often the mothers have to shuttle their children between various service providers. The rising number of children with Autism is raising questions about who is going to take care of them and who is to bear the cost of taking care of them. Care for Autistic children can run into 3.2 million in a lifetime. With no consolidated care provider available one parent usually the mothers has to shuttle the child around to the care providers and become their advocates.

Further research has shown that parents of Autistic children put their child’s needs ahead of themselves and this can lead to financial instability. Not having access to proper care systems is costing such parents a lot in terms of money and peace of mind.